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About Robbins Insurance Group

"It's funny to think about, but how many people have told you that they love insurance? Not many, would be my guess. I am one of the few, even in the business, that really loves insurance. It fascinates me how it works, the many different types, and how important it really is. I feel a strong sense of duty to reach out to people, learn about what is most important to them, and what they really want to protect as well as the goals they have. Then I can develop a trusting relationship. My clients are very busy and often uninterested in learning about insurance, my goal is to educate them just enough to feel comfortable with their options and why I recommend the things I do.


I don't feel you can truly do your clients justice unless you really know and understand them. From there, I love deepening the relationship through consistent follow up. That way I can be there as life changes and in turn their needs change. Many of my clients have become great friends, that's just my personality, and I love that aspect of my business!"  - Blake Robbins - CEO - Robbins Insurance Group


RIG is based out of our hometown of Branson, Missouri. We love the Ozark Mountains and Table Rock Lake. Even though at times, we work outside of the Ozarks, our main focus is on serving our local community. Below you can learn more about Blake. He serves as an Insurance Broker and Risk Management Advisor for the company.


Blake was born in a small farming community in western Illinois, near the Iowa border. One of his family farms can be seen in the distance behind he and his wife, Katherine, on the website banner. Blake and his family moved to Branson in 2000. He jumped with joy, hitting the top of the family Jeep Cherokee when his parents told him the news after a vacation to Branson. "I couldn't believe I was moving to Branson, I loved the shows, SDC, attractions, restaurants, everything. It was so exciting for me", said Blake.


Blake has 6 years of experience in insurance and risk management. The first 3 years he ran his Farmers Insurance Agency and his financial planning practice with Northwestern Mutual for the next 3 years. This is where he developed his passion for helping people protect themselves and their loved ones from unforeseen risks as well planning for future goals. Partnering with those two large, respected companies gave him the knowledge, training, and experience needed to take the leap of faith starting his own company.