COVID Kindness

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We are right in the middle of a global pandemic. These unprecedented times have offered a lot of fear but no relief. We are so grateful to work with carriers who seek to provide relief in the midst of uncertainty. … Read More

Local Spotlight: Elevate Branson

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Is it possible to elevate Branson in the midst of a global pandemic? Though it is a lot of work, founders Bryan and Amy Stallings  and their team are making it look effortless… better yet— selfless. We heard about the … Read More

What we LOVE about Safeco!  

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–Right-track   Imagine getting rewarded for doing a daily activity WELL. Driving is something that most of us do pretty much every day. So much so that we hardly ever think about how well we’re driving. But, safe driving can actually save you money on insurance. With Safeco, you … Read More

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: The Garage Ministries

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NO way to get to work. NO way to earn a living. NO way to provide for your family. Imagine life without a dependable car. This is the reality for many in the Reeds Spring and Branson community. The Garage … Read More

Insurance Jeopardy! Part 2

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Guys – we get that insurance can be difficult to get the hang of. That’s why we created this new blog series featuring, Jeopardy! Greatest of all Time. These blogs will challenge your thoughts AND help you WIN a new understanding of all things insurance. It may seem … Read More

Texting and Driving – The Stats

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Phones seem to be glued to the hands of people young and old. Though awareness of the dangers of texting and driving has increased, there are still many fatal crashes due to distracted driving. Interested in the staggering statistics? Texting … Read More